Scented candles - Umbra 522 - black coffee & orange blossom

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Everything we like in a scented candle

Let black coffee, orange blossom and notes of bergamot and tuberose occupy your home. A beautiful 'fragrance blanket' for the heavier side lowers over the room with Wxy.'s Umbra light. Comes with a wooden wick.

For 15 years, the people behind Wxy have been working with light. And the fantastic, plant-based brand has the values ​​in just the right place: every time a WXY candle is sold, 3% of the proceeds are donated to charity.
All candles are handmade and 100% plant based. Their lights are clean and beautiful in design - and the content never disappoints. We have rarely come across light of the quality that Wxy delivers. It is not overcomplicated, neither in terms of fragrance nor on the packaging.

100% plant based.

Aroma: Black coffee & Orange flower
Roasting time: Up to 35 hours