Scented candles - Big Amber - bergamot & bamboo

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Let nature seduce you

This series from Wxy. has full focus on natural elements and scents that we are familiar with. The bergamot and bamboo candle is an exciting scented candle that offers notes of spicy citrus, sweet grapefruit, light forest and bamboo leaves.

For 15 years, the people behind Wxy have been working with light. And the fantastic, plant-based brand has the values ​​in the right place: every time a WXY candle is sold, 3% of the proceeds are donated to charity.

All candles are handmade and 100% plant based . Their lights are clean and beautiful in design - and the content never disappoints. We have rarely come across light of the quality that Wxy delivers. It is not overcomplicated, neither in terms of fragrance nor on the packaging

100% plant based.

Fragrance: Bergamotte & bamboo
Burning time: Up to 35 hours