Scented candles - Havana Tobacco - tobacco leaves, tonka beans, vanilla

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A trip to Cuba? Let us help you with the mood!

This wonderful scented candle gives you a feel for the Cuban tobacco leaves in full bloom. When the light is turned on, you are greeted with green, fresh notes, after which the base of tobacco leaves, tonka beans and a little bit of vanilla take over.

An absolutely fantastic scented candle at the slightly heavier end.

In Mikazukido's small studio in Lyon, they produce their handmade candles in small batches. And there is love for things! Only the best ingredients have been used - fragrances from the perfume capital Grasse and 100% plant-based, GMO-free coconut wax.

The production is Japanese-inspired and this is especially evident in their design. It is cut to the bone and sparred on unnecessary packaging and details and instead focused on creating the best content.

Fragrance: Havana Tobacco
Burning time: Up to 25 hours