Scented candles - Jacqueline - lemon, fig leaf, cedar

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Luxury from start to finish

Jacqueline light is the thirst-quenching freshness of ironwort combined with the velvety roundness of fig leaves. This light, with clean and fresh notes, will awaken your inner peace.

We can write many things about Marie Jeanne, and yet it still will not encapsulate the generous experience a Marie Jeanne light provides.
Everything about Marie Jeanne is craftsmanship of the highest quality - including the direct collaboration with the glassblowers who blow the glasses, for the completely unique packaging, a wooden box in which the light comes in.

Besides that, Do you behind Marie Jeanne also have a nose for scents.
They have helped several high-end fashion houses to produce their perfumes. Including both Hermès and Chanel.

All candles are made from the finest and natural ingredients.
The fragrance oil is concentrated to 12%, giving the light this remarkable intensity during combustion. All stages of production take place in Grasse, France, which is world-renowned for the city's know-how and history of perfumery.

Top notes: lemon, petitgrain, fig
Middle notes: ironwort, fig leaf, mint
End notes: cedar, sandalwood, musk

Burn time: 70 hours