Scented candles - Peeled Tangerine - mandarin

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Who does not love the scent of tangerines?

CandleCan has come up with something absolutely ingenious. Most people can recognize the immediate urge to put their teeth in fresh mandarin when you can smell it from a distance. Since they simply, like us, could not stand for the sweet scent of mandarin, they have chosen to make a scented candle with mandarins. And yes, almost also literally. The scented candle looks like tangerines on a dot - but can not be eaten.

The mandarin is a citrus favorite! At least the sweet scent is unbearable. So go ahead - here you have the catchy aroma, but without the need to peel fruits.

Made from 100% vegetable wax.

Fragrance: Mandarin
Burning time: Up to 35 hours