Hand-colored block candle - pink

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Pink block candle from the Danish candle foundry Kastanielys.

Note that the small candle typically burns for 26 hours and the large candle for 86 hours.

On Sjællands Odde is a candle foundry with the most beautiful view of the Kattegat. Here Rikke and Christiana dip and cast their handmade candles in fantastic quality. The candle foundry has developed their methods since 1992 and with quality in the forefront, they cast the best candles we can obtain in Denmark.

In production, they mold their block candles which are subsequently colored by hand.
They are meticulous and skilled and this can be seen in the candles!

Burn time 5x12 cm: 26 hours
Burn time 6x18 cm: 86 hours
Price: Per. pcs
Size: 5x12 cm & 6x18 cm
Color: Pink