Tealight - rapeseed wax (10 pcs.)

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100% plant-based tealight

This nice little box comes with 10 pcs. tealight made on rapeseed wax. The candles come with a small pattern on them.
Rapeseed wax is a fantastic material that burns clean and clear - and then it is plant-based.

To avoid as much spillage as possible, these tealights do not have individual metal holders. This box contains a glass tealight holder that you can use again and again.

You can easily remove residue from the candle by cleaning the holder in soapy water or by scraping out the residue. Rapeseed wax is biodegradable and can be put in the green bin.

These tealights emit less soot than paraffin tealights. They are odorless.

Handmade in Babongo's studio in the Netherlands.

Scent: No scent
Burn time: 3 - 4 hours
Size: 1.5 x 4 cm
Material: rapeseed wax, cotton wick with metal foot