Block candle - rapeseed wax (13 cm)

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100% rapeseed wax candle from Babongo

This beautiful, aesthetic rapeseed wax candle from Babongo, has been handmade by the skilled candle maker Nicole Blaak in her studio in the Netherlands.

Because Babongo wants to avoid as much waste as possible, the box contains an extra wick and instructions for use, so you can make a new candle in a glass jar of any leftovers.

Rapeseed wax burns clean, and is a sustainable product as the wax is a residual product from rapeseed fields in the EU - and therefore the candles are 100% plant-based.
Rapeseed wax is odorless, is biodegradable and can be put in the green bin. The candles are packed in recycled cardboard.

Note: keep the wick short (0.5 cm) so the candle burns more calmly and longer.

Fragrance: Fragrance-free
Burning time: approx. 30 hours

Size: 13 x 6.5 cm